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Make your home search easy with the new My GH Home Search! Save searches and properties, plus sign up for any one of four email alerts! Choose from regular email updates, open house updates, price change alerts, and new listings! The Gerrard-Hoeschler Realtors account is completely free to use. You Can cancel your account anytime and Gerrard Hoeschler Realtors will not distribute your information to other companies.

Saved Search. Store your favorite searches to make your home search easier!
Price Change Alerts. When the price changes, be the first to know & get the best price.
Saved Properties. Click once and save any property that you would like to be viewed later.
Open House Alerts. Always know when there is a new showing with a simple click.
Mobile Cart. Save Properties on the go with your mobile device and view them here.
New to Market. Know when new properties that match your saved searches hit the market.

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